A victim of norms made by society, she chose to run her own world.

Dear Jane Eyre,

I wish I could meet you, and let some of your bright confidence shine upon me, for you actually portray a woman in her very true spirit. You defied all the prejudices that prevailed in those times (and still do, to some extent) that women need men to live comfortably, and everything she does should be such to please a respectable man. I am eighteen in age myself, and that, surely, is why, I am amazed how far more mature, patient, strong, disciplined and principled you are than me, or anyone I know of our age. I have loved you since the beginning when you were yet a child, who could remember nothing but the unjust torturous treatment you hitherto were given. But you nonetheless stood for yourself, you revolted, you knew what you deserved, and I will forever admire you for that.
Mr. Rochester is sure the type of man any wise woman will fancy, who loved you not for your visage and structure, but for your very nature, your intelligence, your sense of the world, your witty and quick replies, your kind heart and your self-sufficiency. You, without a doubt, deserved to be loved so ardently, and so did Mr. Rochester. Now that I know your story, I will always try to seek qualities owned by Mr. Rochester in every man I meet, and wish I could one day be as fortunate as you were to love him and be loved by him; always will I try to become more like you, and always will I keep adoring you. Thank you for making me a better person.

Written by: Vatsla