Best Reads of 2018: A List by Storypals

The list is compiled by Mridu Agarwal,the girl behind awesome Instagram page Storypals. The compilation is part of the series called “Best Reads of 2018.” You can read more articles of this series here. Followed by more than 21k people on Instagram, Mridu describes herself as just another human in love with stories, in love with utopia just a little more than reality. A huge thanks to her for compiling a list and sharing it with us.


2018 has been an okay year for me but definitely a year I made a lot of stories, (I am leaving my marks everywhere), watched a few them, and read a couple of them, to be precise 67 books only. Not a bad number but not a very good number either, given the amount of book that is piling up in my room, staring at me at the very moment while I read this article.

Hey, you stop staring, I will get to you, give me a moment here, please.

Sorry for getting distracted. They are quite the persuasive kind.

I was all for variety this year so just churning out Top 5 was a task. Anyway, here is a random top 5 list for the books I read this year (not published). (In random order)

Children of blood and bone By Tomi Adeyemi

One of the most anticipated books of the year. Definitely loved by all. Had to make UP to this list whatsoever. This book has a beautiful setting, it tackles just about the right issues with A BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL WORLD BUILDING. You are able to just get into the world and start empathizing with STRONG characters, great characters. Mind you there aren’t all good, they have their flaws, RELATABLE.

The writing is stunning and you will be just want to keep reading.

Side note: The book wasn’t even out and it was picked for a film. All the more reason to pick it asap, right?

OH, MY GODS! (Read the book to get the reference- later find me AND talk to me all about it.)

The Reason You’re Alive By Matthew Quick

This year gave me TWO new authors, authors I LOVE AND ADORE and want to read all the books ever written by them. Matthew Quick being one of them of course (known widely for Silver Lining Playbook).The thing about his books/ stories that the characters are so charming, you inevitably fall in love no matter what. You need to, you have to. You have got no choice. I am telling you, YOU JUST DON’T.

So well you can either pick up books by him or live a life without his books. (Probably not the best life, but who am I to say anything?)

Final Empire By Brandon Sanderson


I think I was living under the rock the whole time, how did I not read anything by him up until now? 25 years of life was not as worthwhile until I was introduced to this beautiful series called MISTBORN. Why isn’t this as hyped up as Harry Potter? It should be. People need this.

They definitely need this.










Don’t be a Mridu and wait it out, pick it up now.

You might find the pacing of this book a bit slow but then that’s how the story, the world is building itself, it’s quite detailed which is all you need when you read high fantasy.

Trust in Brandon Sanderson and READ it. 🙂

Again, find me later and talk to me all about it.

The Nix By Nathan Hill

I had been eyeing this book since 2017 and also kind of never really picked it up until 2018 October. Boy oh Boy, was it worth it? Yes. Definitely.

“The things you love the most will one day hurt you the worst.”

This book hurt me right and then made me laugh, made me think and then made me realize. The best part about this book was how the story was being told, how things were unfolding and how with every passing word, every passing page, I was falling deeply in love with the story and the writing. For a debut author, the way the story has been layered, the way it talks about different issues and then tackles them is commendable. This book had a lot of heart, hope, misery, history, pick it up if you are aching for a good dramatic- politically infused book.

I would recommend the audiobook for this one specifically because I know reading it on your own self might become a tedious job. Audiobook adds to the humor and you are able to absorb the story.


The female of the species by Mindy McGinnis

I don’t want to really write a lot about this book. BUT JUST… How and why did I confuse it with a light contemporary fun read? What was I even thinking? A story that is needed to be told, a story that is meant to be heard.
And. At the end of it all.. I definitely cried.


Kind of ends here, sorry.
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