One died laughing, the other lived crying.

Dear Fred and George,

Where do I begin…? You are my light at the end of the tunnel.

You remind me everyday day that as bad as it may look, even if the world is crumbling at my feet, there is always something that can make me laugh. Generally, that something is you two.
Doesn’t matter how inappropriate the moment, how heavy the air or how mad people are, your concern is always to make others laugh.

To me, the moment that represents you the better is when you opened your store while all others were closed because the wave of terror was back. Just because you thought people needed something to light up their spirit! You also showed me that I should always stand for what I believe in, even if I have to set some fireworks in the middle of an exam.

I want to thank you for proving that it’s not the school grades or what our parents hope we’d be that really define who we are. Only I know who I am and, as long as I believe and work harder than ever, only I know what I will be.
I know I will succeed, just like you knew. You taught me to never let others define me, to always laugh at everything because it is always fun and to do anything to make those around me happy, always.

Thank you for being more real than the ones who exist with me in this side of reality and for showing me that anything is possible if I’ve got enough nerve.

Written by: bssdraws