Book review: Semmaari – A Lamb’s Gamble

About the plot:- It’s based on a game called ‘Lambs and Tigers. A shepherd boy named Semmaari one day goes to a construction site where he sees the workers playing this game. One day, a person amongst them teaches him the game and soon Semmaari becomes a champion of this game. Everything goes well then suddenly fate turns evil and soon Semmaari learns that some very powerful men are after his and his loved ones life. Semmaari finds himself in the situation of ‘Lambs and Tigers’ where he and his loved ones are lambs and those powerful men are tigers and if he wants to survive he needs to play his game in the best way possible.

The plot is one of the best thrilling plots I have read. It’s written in the form of a narrative which I like very much because it kinda opens up the story a bit more. It is one of those stories where you can sense that something terrible is on the way, which will make you curious and will keep you riveted. It also shows that emotions are the perfect fuel to do anything, all you need is a way to channelize them. It’s a story about how, by using your intelligence and wit, you can shine against all odds. All you need is self-belief and just need to keep your nerves in control at times of crisis.
Few things I didn’t like though:-
๐Ÿ‘‰ The author just rushed away with the romance between Semmaari and Nadhiyaaz. He didn’t give the romance enough screen time. That didn’t work for me.
๐Ÿ‘‰This book is written in too simple language. It has a very promising plot and hence it should have had some amazing quotes and one-liners. This is one of the reasons the romance didn’t click me. I can understand it though, since it is a transalation.
This is a tale of love, loss, jealousy, treachery and intelligence. The last chapter is the perfect ending to such a gripping tale. And by the way in the end the rules of the game ‘Lambs and Tigers’ are also given. So happy reading and happy playing!