She intends to make her own way in the world.

Dear Jo March,

This is the 21st century. Generations have passed. Everything has changed but the impact you created in my life still remains the same. There is a huge gap between then and now but for me, you seem to shine as always. Jo, you are the mirror at which I see my image, the way you bury your head into thick books, get easily fascinated by huge libraries and want to own one. I picture all these things in me. From a tomboy to becoming a full-grown lady, you have inspired me immensely. Your personality attracted everyone (even aunt March couldn’t resist herself to make you the caretaker of Plumfield). Although you have a bad temper no one can deny that your heart is made of pure gold and how much you care for your loved ones, especially Beth. Everyone considered you as a lost girl but you proved to be the most responsible as well as a mature person in the whole family who could do anything, from selling stories to chopping her hair off.

Like all other people, I was desperate to see you and Laurie end up together. Honestly, got a bit angry when you rejected him. Later I realized that you made the best decision as professor Bhaer entered into your life. You knew you couldn’t bear a rich husband and at the same time don’t fear poverty. You didn’t care whether Mr Bhaer was handsome or not, rich or poor, 30 years old or 70. You loved him with all his flaws as well as his intellectual ability. You never tried to be someone else. You accepted yourself as who you are. When you said to aunt March “I intend to make my own way in the world”, you don’t know how much it meant to me. I wanted to hug you tight and thank you for making me believe in myself. Above all, you taught me the power of words, stories, writers. How these 3 elements altogether can make a change in this world and motivated me to become one in future.

I know you are probably in your attic, sitting in the old chair, smiling at this letter. Keep writing Jo. I want to read all the stories painted by you. Also never hide your ink-stained fingers from Mr Dashwood. Remember they are your strength.
Hope that the boys are not giving you much trouble.

From the girl who admires you,